How To Make Shakshuka – 6 Steps

How To Make Shakshuka- 6 Steps

Shakshuka is a one of a kind egg dish with several added ingredients. The cooking is fast, simple and the results are delicious. The stuffing questions can be created according to taste and the available ingredients

Let’s see how to make it below

Material :

3 tablespoons butter

200 g onions, finely chopped

5 garlic cloves, finely chopped

1 piece (50 g) green bell pepper, finely chopped

200 g Minced Beef

250 g of red tomatoes, finely chopped

2 tsp salt

2 tsp ground black pepper

2 teaspoons dried oregano

4 chicken eggs

parsley, to taste, roughly chopped

Complementary :

baguette bread, spread with butter, bake until browned

How to make :

  1. Heat the butter, saute the onions and garlic until fragrant.
  2. Enter the green peppers, yellow peppers, and beef and cook until the meat is cooked.
  3. Add tomatoes, salt, pepper and oregano and cook until the tomatoes are crushed.
  4. Make four holes in the pan, space them out from each other.
  5. Crack 1 egg in each hole. Cover the pot, cook for 1 minute over medium heat.
  6. Remove, sprinkle parsley on top. Serve immediately with complement.

Good luck 🙂


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