Indonesian food is indeed famous for its authenticity and how they show national identity. No wonder the international community also likes Indonesian specialties.

Indonesia has a variety of Archipelago cuisine that is very delicious and tempting tongue.

There are many traditional dishes and iconic heritage from various islands in Indonesia.

Compilation of some typical Indonesian foods below might help you to have a culinary adventure.

Come on, see what?

  1. Fried Rice
    Every country has a fried rice menu. However, the taste of Indonesian fried rice is more typical because it uses a complete spice. No wonder that Indonesian fried rice has also been included in the list of the most delicious food in the world. The 44th President of the United States Barrack Obama is also very fond of Indonesian fried rice.
  2. BAKSO
    Soup and noodle soup are indeed part of the meatballs complement. We can find meatballs anywhere. It turns out that meatballs are one of the favorite foods of Chinese citizens. The reason, meatballs in Indonesia are made from beef that is more appetizing, coupled with fried or dumplings to complete it.
  3. SATE
    Sate Padang and Sate Madura become the best known and favorite variants of many people. Lately, not only foreign tourists are looking for and want to try satay, but a number of international restaurants have included satay in their menus. In New York, there is a restaurant called Satay Junction that serves chicken satay as its flagship dish.
  4. GUDEG
    Yogyakarta’s special food has attracted the attention of the people of Indonesia, even in the international community. The reason is, many countries want to import it in canned form. Interestingly, in Melbourne, Australia, there is one restaurant that has served original warm from Indonesia, precisely on Clayton Road.
    Javanese special food that can be referred to as “salad” Indonesia is quite well known abroad, especially in Naples, Italy. This is because gado-gado has been included in competitions that compete with dishes from other countries and won first place. Calculated from the aesthetic value that is owned, the uniqueness of the material used, as well as the taste that is considered very high.
    Furthermore, another typical Indonesian food is rawon rice. Rawon rice is a dish made from boiled beef from East Java. Rawon has a spicy taste and a deep black color from the use of peas. This dish will give you two delicious spicy flavors!
    As the name suggests, this noodle comes from Aceh because it has become a typical food of the Aceh region. This noodle has a thick texture and is mixed with meat slices and strong herbs and spices. There are two types of Aceh noodles, fried and boiled or sauteed. Serve Aceh noodles with additional seafood such as crab, shrimp, or squid.
  8. Egg Crust
    This typical Indonesian food is owned by the Betawi people. This traditional food is a kind of fried rice cooked on charcoal and made from sticky rice and eggs. This omelette-shaped dish is usually filled with fried onions and grated coconut.
    Furthermore, konro soup is a typical food of the South Sulawesi region. However, now it has become a mainstay of cuisine for the people of Indonesia. This soup consists of beef ribs served with brown sauce.
    Soka crab is a typical food of North Kalimantan. Yes, you can eat all parts of this crab until the shell. Because the whole of soft-shelled crabs are so soft.

    Now tell me how long did you manage to hold your drool? Getting hungry now? 😉 Visit our website for more Indonesian Food Goodness!
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