Which parent, who doesn’t want to see his child’s hair healthy?
Sometimes baby’s hair often falls out.
Even new hair that is expected to grow soon does not seem to come.

And when it grows, the new hair turns out to have a texture and color that is different from before.

All of these things are normal because they depend entirely on genetic makeup. Even so, there are still several ways you can do if you want baby hair to grow and thick immediately. What are those?

Things to do:

  1. Take proper care take proper care of baby hair early on. Avoid washing baby’s hair too often. And for the amount of shampoo it is not too much because it can make the hair texture becomes rough and matted.
  2. Wash baby’s hair regularly with quality shampoo Choose shampoo that is not poignant in the eyes and the ingredients are safe, organic is better. Shampoo with the addition of essential oils such as lavender or chamomile can help soothe your baby when his hair is being washed.
  3. Conditioner for babies You can make your own natural conditioner. Dairy products like yogurt can nourish hair because it is rich in calcium. Another recipe is to mix pure honey with pure olive oil (1: 1), add a little beer if available. Massage into baby hair and let stand 15 minutes before rinsing. Other conditioner dough that is worth a try is the avocado mixture with coconut oil and honey; or bananas with olive oil and honey.
  4. With aloe vera The next way to grow and thicken baby’s hair is to utilize the properties of aloe vera. As we know, aloe vera is good for skin and hair. You can harvest and process the sap yourself if you have plants at home. But if not, look for aloe vera products that are safe for babies. Use this aloe vera gel as the final stage for your baby’s hair care. That’s the way to grow baby’s hair, hopefully it is useful, mom 🙂
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