DIY Homemade Perfume : 3 Steps


You have to know how to make your own perfume

Quality perfume is generally priced quite expensive. But, you don’t need to have to reach in your wallet for a perfume. You can also mix your own perfume, it is not only cheap, but also environmentally friendly and the fragrance lasts long.

Let’s see how to make this homemade eco-friendly perfume 🙂

Material :

2 cups cleaned and sliced ​​flowers. You can choose any flower we want which will be the base of our perfume.

1-2 cups of boiled water

1 bowl with a lid

1 small pot

1 small spray bottle as a perfume container

How to make :

  1. After making sure the flowers are clean. We can soak the flowers in 1 cup of water in a closed bowl overnight.
  2. In the morning, squeeze the flowers to release the juice and pour the floral scented water into a small saucepan. Heat over low heat until 1 tsp of liquid is left.
  3. Transfer to a small spray bottle and pour cold water to fill the bottle. Leave it overnight and tomorrow morning we can get our own perfume. Good luck:)

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