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In addition to being eaten at home, this Chicken Crispy Burger recipe can also be used as supplies for children to school or taken when traveling with family.

the crispy texture of this chicken burger is guaranteed to make you addictive. Especially after dipping in mayonnaise sauce and enjoying it with a soft, soft burger.

Serving burgers at family gatherings can also be an alternative, start with this delicious Chicken Crispy Burger Recipe.

Material :

2 pieces of burger patties, halved

2 pieces of lettuce

1 tomato, sliced

1/2 cucumber, sliced

6 tablespoons of tomato sauce

2 tablespoons mayonnaise

Patty :

100 grams of ground chicken

2 slices of white bread, soak in broth

2 garlic cloves, puree

1 egg, beaten

100 grams of wheat flour

200 ml of cooking oil

Salt and pepper powder to taste

How to make :

Patty: Mix ground chicken, plain bread, garlic, salt, and ground pepper, mix well. Form the dough like a patty, put it in the egg then coat it with the flour that has been given salt and ground pepper. Do the same thing until the dough runs out.

Fry the patties in hot oil until golden brown. Remove and drain.

Take one burger bun, lightly bake in a nonstick pan. Remove, rub the inside of the burger bun with tomato sauce mixed with mayonnaise.

Arrange on top of the lettuce, patty, tomato, cucumber, ketchup and mayonnaise, and cover with another burger bun. Ready to be served.

This is the complete recipe for chicken crispy burger that you must try. Guaranteed, your family will love it! Happy cooking: D


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