Sukiyaki recipe

Sukiyaki is a hot pot dish filled with thinly sliced ​​beef, scallions, chrysanthemum, shitake mushrooms, tofu, shirataki mushrooms, with sweet spices from soy sauce, sugar, and Japanese wine. Generally, the beef is sliced ​​a little thicker than shabu-shabu.

Let’s see how to make it below!

Material :

• 100 grams of beef, thinly sliced

• 200 gr tofu, cut into cubes with a size of 2 cm

• 50 grams of sun that has been soaked in boiling water and drained

• 200 grams of chicory, cut 2 cm across

• 200 grams of carrots, cut oblique

• 4 pieces of hioko mushrooms

• 4 spring onions, cut 3 cm

• 100 grams of onions, cut obliquely

• 4 tbsp cooking oil

Ingredients for sukiyaki sauce :

• 100 Japanese soy sauce noodles

• 2 tbsp sake

• 75 mi of Japanese vinegar or mirin

• 2 tbsp sugar

• 250 noodles of meat or vegetable broth

How to Make Sukiyaki :

• Make the sauce in advance by mixing all the ingredients for the sauce evenly.

• Heat a wok or pan that is specifically used for cooking sukiyaki. Pour in the oil and saute the onions until fragrant and wilted. After that add the leeks, carrots, mushrooms and chicory. Stir all ingredients until cooked evenly.Add tofu, suun and sauce then cook until it boils.

• Enter the meat slices one by one. This is necessary so that the meat slices do not accumulate. Cook until the meat slices are cooked then remove.

• Sukiyaki is ready to serve and tastes better when eaten hot.

This is the complete recipe for Sukiyaki that you must try. Guaranteed, your family will love it! Happy cooking: D


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