This typical Spanish paella is made from the main ingredients of rice and then combined with chicken, saffron and seafood. How to make a typical Spanish Paella Seafood is quite easy just by cooking rice with all the ingredients in one. Cooking this paela seafood will produce paella which is yellow because it comes from saffron. Saffron is a spice that comes from flower stalks or stems.

How to make it is very easy you know. Let’s try the recipe.

Material :

4 cups of rice

1/2 kg of clams that still have shells

5 chicken legs

8 cups of water

800 gr squid, cut and then soaked with lemon juice, store in a refrigerator

500 gr, don’t peel the shrimp and then boil

3 cloves garlic (chopped)

1 onion (chopped or chopped)

1 medium red bell pepper

1 tomato

Salt and pepper to taste

2 cube flavoring cube

Olive oil and cooking oil to taste

How to make :

Cook clams give a little water, season with salt, then set aside.

Heat the olive oil and cooking oil in a skillet then fry the chicken thighs until they look yellow, add the onions, garlic and paprika, stir well.

Add squid, tomatoes, stir again. Add salt, turmeric and mérica then stir well.

Add water to the stir-fried squid then rice, and leave the whole rice under water.

Then cook the rice for about 15-20 minutes until cooked or until the sauce looks gone because it seeps into the rice.

If the water or sauce has shrunk, reduce the heat and stir so the rice doesn’t burn.

You can set aside chicken to make it easier to stir the paella. If the rice looks cooked and the water has shrunk, turn off the heat.

Then cover with a clean cloth for about 10 minutes.

Garnish with clams, chicken thighs and shrimp, finish and serve

How easy? Good luck at home
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