Beef Mozzarella Tortilla is a culinary dish that is loved in various parts of the world. This food is a combination of Beef burger, corned beef and sausages as the ingredients. While the wrapper uses a sheet of tortilla which is flat bread from the composition of wheat or ground corn with no added yeast.

While mozarella itself complements the stuffing mixture of beef burgers, konet and sausages that have been fried and rolled in tortillas. As a result the appearance looks exactly like a rolled omelette.

Quite simple and easy in serving Beef Mozzarella Tortilla, making it possible for anyone to be able to present it as a special menu at the family dining table. For those of you who want to try to make it can follow the presentation steps as follows.

Ingredients and Seasonings :

Tortilla skin 3 pieces

Beef burger 3 pieces

Corned 3 tablespoons

1 sausage

To taste mozzarella cheese

Margarine to taste

1 egg chicken eggs

How to make :

Please cut sausages and beef burgers in a square shape and set aside.

Pour enough margarine into the frying pan and heat it up, wait for it to melt.

After heat, pour the beef burger and sausage that has been cut into the box into the frying pan filled with hot liquid margarine and fried thoroughly. Don’t forget to also add corned beef and 1 chicken egg. Remove after cooking and set aside.

Spread the skin of the tortilla that has been prepared then pour the mixture of cooked dishes that have been cooked on top of the tortilla just as little as the contents of the tortilla.

After that, add enough mozzarella cheese and fold or roll the tortilla until it looks like a rolled omelette.

Next, reheat the frying pan with a little margarine and bake the tortilla rolls with corned beef sausage mozzarilla until cooked. Lift.

Divide the roasted tortilla rolls into two and serve with your favorite sauce.

Thus the simple and easy steps in serving culinary from Beef Mozzarella Tortilla. Hopefully the culinary recipes above are useful and can help you in the process of serving it at home. Good luck and good luck.


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