Simple Make Fresh Lime Squash Recipe At Home!

Lime Squash is a modern drink that is widely available in cafes. The taste is fresh and the aroma of cytrus is quite hard, can eliminate your thirst. The following recipes you can make at home.

Lime Squash Material :

• 3 spoons of honey

• 1 bottle of soda

• 1 lime fruit

• 2 mint leaves

• Ice cubes as needed

How to make Lime Squash :

• Prepare a glass, Squeeze the lime in a glass (remove the seeds).

• Add honey and also ice cubes.

• Then pour soda water. As a garnish add mint leaves to beautify.

• Lime Squash is ready to be served.

• If you don’t like honey too much, you can replace it with sugar water.

Don’t forget to share this recipe, happy cooking! : D


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