Make Korean Tokebi Snacks (Potato Hot Dogs) At Home!

Snacks called tokebi originated in South Korea, then spread to Japan and finally almost in all countries. Basically, hotang or tokebi is a kind of corn dog, made from sausage or cheese that is pierced with sticks, then coated with flour dough. As a variation, tokebi is wrapped in pieces of fried potatoes again.


250 grams of pancake mix flour

75 ml of liquid milk

4-5 large sausages (for example

bratwurst / knockwurst)

1 egg

french fries to taste

skewers to taste

right amount of oil


Refined granulated sugar to taste

Tomato sauce / chili sauce to taste

Honey mustard to taste

How to make tokebi / hattogu / hotang:

In a bowl, mix the pancake mix flour, chicken eggs and milk. Stir until smooth, then pour into a tall glass to make it easier to dip sausages later.

Cut the fried potatoes into cubes, then set aside.

Skewer sausages with skewers, then coat with a little dry flour so that the pancake mixture can stick perfectly.

Dip the skewer sausage into the pancake mixture until completely covered. After that roll it on frozen potatoes. Press it so that the potato sticks perfectly to the pancake mixture.

Heat a lot of cooking oil, then fry the sausage skewers over medium heat. Make sure the pancake mixture is cooked and the potatoes are golden. Approximately the frying process lasts for 5 minutes.

Remove the cooked tokebi and roll it into the sugar. Serve with ketchup and honey mustard.

That is the recipe for tokebi or hotang, potato hot dogs ala South Korea. Good luck, don’t forget to share this recipe! Happy cooking: D

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