Crepes are thin, soft pancakes made from flour dough. The history of crepes was known thousands of years ago. In ancient times people have enjoyed crepes in various forms. Crepes are known as pancakes cooked on a flat griddle. Europe claims to be the birthplace of crepes.

Meanwhile some sources say that the crepes recipe was first discovered in France in 1390. Indeed, many theories that mention the history of crepes, even with a variety of recipes. But in practice the process of making crepes is not as easy as you think. For more details, let’s practice …

Ingredients for crepes:

Chicken Egg 1 item

White sugar to taste

Flour 75 grams

Cow’s Liquid Milk 150 ml

Chocolate jam to taste

Cinnamon to taste

Butter or margarine 1 tablespoon

Ingredients / contents of crispy crepes topping

thinly cut bananas, Choco chips, cheese, nutella chocolate, messes, milk, etc. adjust to your taste.

How to make crepes:

The first step when you try the recipe for crispy crepes is Pour liquid milk and eggs into a container. Beat with a whisk balloon until foamy. You have to make sure the dough is completely flat so that the dough can be flexible when you make crepes.

Add flour while sifting. Enrichment is intended so that the flour produced can be soft.

Next, whisk with a whisk bolloon. Melt the butter and then put it in the flour mixture. Stir well.

Heat a non-stick skillet. After heat, remove from the stove, pour the crepes mixture on the pan, rotate the pan so that the mixture is even and thin.

Place the pan again on the stove. Add nutella in Crepes. You can also use a sprinkling of white sugar and cinnamon powder, then fold Crepes into a triangle shape.

You can serve crepes.

To make Crepes is a bit difficult, easy for the first time making it. Therefore see some tips that might be useful for you.

beat the milk and eggs until foamy, making the Crepes batter supple.

sifting makes flour fall evenly so that Crepes becomes soft.

The use of butter can also be replaced with margarine to make the pan anti-greasy no longer need to be oiled.

pour Crepes dough not on the stove but by lifting the pan so that the dough is still runny and easy to thin by turning the pan to put it back on the stove.

Good luck at home guys! Happy cooking, don’t forget to share this cooking recipe!


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