Diligently wearing makeup means we also have to be diligent in cleaning the face afterwards. Makeup that is left without cleaning can accumulate and close the pores of the skin to eventually cause various skin problems.

The face must be cleaned not only when wearing makeup, however, before wearing makeup you must clean your face so that makeup can be more sticky and the results are flawless.

Cleaning the face with ordinary cleansers is not enough to remove dirt and residual makeup. You need to use toner so that the face looks fresher. Toner is responsible for removing excess oil on the face and dead skin cells that are still left on the face.

Face toner itself is known as liquid water and has a vinegar-like consistency. This liquid comes with a variety of active ingredients whose function is to overcome various skin problems.

To choose a toner, of course, it must be adjusted to your face type. This is done to avoid irritation or breakout on the face.

Let’s consider the following review:

  1. For dry skin
    For those of you who have a dry face, you need extra care. Your facial skin has characteristics that are dry, scaly, and less hydrated. Therefore, so that it does not dry up, you should not choose the wrong toner. Use toner with hyaluronic acid or glycerin. The combination of the two ingredients will make the face well hydrated. Do not use toner with alcohol content. This will cause your skin to become rough and dry. You can also choose toner in the form of lotion so that skin moisture is maintained.
  2. For combination skin
    For those of you who have combination skin also must be smart to choose the right toner, you know. A little more difficult to treat than dry skin and oily skin. But don’t worry, you can still treat your combination skin perfectly. The hallmark of this skin is producing excess oil only in the T area. Meanwhile, the face outside the part is including the type of dry skin. So, you can use two toners. Use oily skin toner for the T zone area and use dry skin toner outside the area. With this use, your problematic skin will be overcome.
  3. For oily skin
    The main characteristic of this one face type is that it is easy to issue more sebum than is needed. You can use toner specifically for oily faces. Generally, oily facial toners contain zinc and also astringent. With the presence of zinc, toner can make a face so matte memorable. Meanwhile, astringent ingredients will be able to control oil, refresh the skin, and disguise pores. Avoid toners with alcohol content that is too high because it can cause irritation. How to use facial toner You can use face toner when you clean your face after using facial cleansing creams. Use toner when your skin isn’t irritated. Well, to use toner can be in two ways. The first way is to use cotton. You can wet the cotton with face toner first. Afterwards, you can apply it to the entire surface of the face and neck. Another way to use toner is by pouring it directly into the palm of your hand. Pour enough and then pat it with your hands on your face. So, how to choose and use facial toner to get maximum results, don’t forget to share this beauty secret, girls! May be useful:)

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