Who doesn’t like dessert? Of course everyone likes. Interested in trying to make a popular dessert box? Served in a refrigerated plastic box, it’s no wonder that this dessert box has become a very popular menu. This dessert can also last for several days.

so you don’t need to spend a lot of money, it’s better to make your own snack hits with this dessert box recipe.

Generally these snacks are usually served in luxury hotels. But if you like it, actually you can also make it yourself at home. Want? Let’s look at the recipe!

Layer 1 material:

3 eggs

1 packet of agar (7 gram size)

80 grams of thick sweet

400 ml of mineral water

50 grams of butter

50 grams of sugar (to taste)

1/2 tsp vanilla paste

How to make :

  1. Separate the whites and egg yolks in different containers.
  2. Mix the agar powder, egg yolk, sweetened condensed, water, and vanilla paste, stirring evenly. After stirring thoroughly cook until boiling and finally put butter.
  3. After that, the remaining egg white mixer while adding sugar, mixer until the stiff mixture does not spill when the place is turned over.
  4. Then mix with the cooked yolk mixture, mix until blended.

Layer 2 material:

1/2 pack of biscuits (to taste)

250 ml whipping cream

How to make :

Crush the biscuits, then shake or use a mixer to make whipping cream.

Layer 3 material:


100 grams of cooked chocolate

250 grams of whipping cream

How to make :

Mix whipping cream with chocolate, then cook until the chocolate dissolves (it doesn’t need to boil just for the chocolate to melt and blend).

After the three layers were finished, all you have to do is arrange and can be eaten immediately. However, so that it tastes more delicious, chill this dessert box before enjoying it!

That’s the dessert box recipe that you can make at home to accompany the movie watching time on weekends. Hope it is useful mom 🙂

don’t forget to share this recipe huh happy cooking 🙂


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