5 Tips On Caring For Men’s Hair So Thick And Not Easy To Bald

Healthy hair is a supporter of style and appearance. Including having thick, healthy and well-maintained hair. Even later if you have fairly thick hair, healthy and well-groomed, without realizing your overall appearance will be even more perfect. Don’t think that you have to do treatment like a woman first. There are several practical and simple ways to make your hair thicker and stay healthier. Here are 5 tips on caring for your hair to make it thicker for men.

  1. Wash your hair properly, correctly and according to time Washing your hair every day can potentially remove natural oils from the hair, so your hair will tend to be more brittle and fall out easily. This is because the oil on the scalp that functions to moisturize the hair, also serves to keep the hair looking natural volume and thick. Wash your hair at least once or twice a week. And of course, use shampoo that is made without sulfates and made from soft, so that the hair does not dry out and fall out. Use conditioner to remove hair dirt and sticking sweat. Thus, hair will be healthy, soft, always fresh and even thicker.
  2. Pay attention to eating patterns with balanced nutrition One factor that determines hair health is protein. To meet your protein needs, you can eat eggs, salmon, meat, chicken breast and soybeans. In addition, you can also combine nuts and seeds with rice, corn or wheat to maximize your intake of amino acids for sufficient keratin production. Don’t forget omega 3 fats from fish oil to keep hair moist.
  3. Take advantage of natural ingredients for hair
    Did you know that it turns out that some salt water spray can help wavy hair? Hair spray from salt water is believed to be able to provide wave texture to the hair naturally, so the hair will look fuller and thicker in volume. For the type of hair spray that uses salt you should use a type of sea salt infused with aloe vera gel. However, be careful because your hair can fall out because of excessive salt intake. Salt has a drying effect, which absorbs water out of cells, including the scalp. It turns out that if consumed too much in food can make the scalp lose moisture, while making hair dry. This is the first sign of hair loss and not thick anymore.
  4. Choose the right comb
    Adjustment of the comb to the hair type turned out to be quite influential for thickening the hair. If the hair is healthy, thick and wants to look volume, then you can use a type of blow comb or comb that has brush bristles. Arrange the hair with the right comb, which can make hair look volume. You can choose a soft-toothed comb and rarely, or a soft-toothed round comb. Also make sure that the comb is clean when used. Because the dirt on the comb can make your thick hair limp quickly.
  5. Be smart in choosing a hair style and avoid chemicals
    Never underestimate the haircut. The right hairstyle can actually make the hair look thick and shiny. For example, a piece of layer (layered) along the rest of the hair can give a thick illusion. Even a man’s hair that has bangs can give a thick effect on the hair. You do this by giving a little layer at the bottom of the bangs. After that, arrange sideways and stack in such a way. To be more volume, you can use mousse. Those are some ways for hair to be dense and not easy to bald, hopefully useful 🙂

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