How To Make Mochi Ice Cream At Home!

Mochi ice cream is a sweet Japanese food made from mochi filled with ice cream. Mochi ice cream is now famous in North America, Europe and Africa.

Mochi is a traditional food from Japan. Mochi cake is made from crushed glutinous rice and then formed into a round. This cake has a very soft and chewy texture so many people like it.
Curious as to what is the way to make mochi ice cream and what are the ingredients? If you want to find out, you can refer directly to the recipe and how to make mochi ice cream below.

Ingredients for making Mochi Ice Cream

50 grams of rice flour

100 grams of sugar

100 ml of water

2 teaspoons of vanilla powder

10 scopes of ice cream two flavors or according to taste

Starch to taste

How to make special and delicious Mochi Ice Cream

prepare a pan that will be used to make the dough. When ready, you can add glutinous rice together with sugar and vanilla powder. Add water little by little while stirring the mixture.

Turn on the stove. Then save the pan on the lighted stove. Cook the mixture using medium heat until the mixture is sticky and thickens.

Prepare plastic, then sprinkle starch. It is intended that the dough does not stick when stored on it. After that, pour the mochi mixture into a plastic that has been sprinkled with starch. Then sprinkle the mixture with starch.

Prepare a tool for a bread grinder. Then roll the mixture using a bread grinder with a thickness of 2-3 mm. Grind the dough when it’s still hot. Only after that, cool.

The shape of the ice cream that you have prepared forms a ball or round with a diameter of about 2-3 cm. After that, store the ice cream in the refrigerator.

Cut the cooled mochi mixture into 10 parts. Cut into flat round with a diameter of approximately 4 cm.

Remove the ice cream from the refrigerator. Then wrap the ice ball that you had rounded with Mochi dough. Form the dough back into a round. Do the same steps until all the ice cream balls are wrapped in Mochi dough.

Store the mochi in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. When storing mochi in the refrigerator is recommended not too long because it will make the mochi too hard.

You can immediately serve it. In order not to melt, you can immediately eat this ice cream mochi cake. This ice cream mochi cake can be used as snacks or snacks for your child so that he does not have a lot of snacks outside.

That’s the recipe and how to make mochi ice cream cake. good luck


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