How to make eyebrows easily just 5 minutes!

You’re not used to making eyebrows? Well, this time we will discuss how to make eyebrows for beginners. This will be very useful for those of you who are just learning make-up so as not to linger in forming eyebrows.

Perfect eyebrows will make a woman’s face look more attractive. Unfortunately, not a few who complain of the difficulty of making eyebrows and not a few who spend time to get the perfect eyebrows. Even some of them take shortcuts to do eyebrow embroidery so they don’t bother to decorate their eyebrows every day.

Let’s look at the following steps:

  1. Trim your eyebrows
    The first step you need to do before making your eyebrows is to tidy it up first. To trim your eyebrows, you can comb them, if it’s neat, you can easily see the shape of the eyebrows so it’s easier to frame your eyebrows.
  2. Make a brow benchmark.
    There are special tricks you need to know to make symmetrical eyebrows between left and right. Determine the curve first. Take a makeup brush, position it next to the nostrils. Determine three points so that your eyebrows can be balanced, namely the base of the eyebrows, the brow arch and the tips of the eyebrows.
  3. Make two horizontal lines.
    This becomes very important for beginners so that the left and right eyebrows can be balanced. You just need to give a line. But if you are already expert and can predict, you don’t need to do this one trick. You can just skip it.
  4. Shape eyebrows by making a frame
    After you know the top of the brow arch, use the eyebrow pencil to line the outer brow top and bottom slowly. Comb the eyebrows again so that you can line up the top and bottom clearly.
  5. Fill the brow inside.
    After lining the top and bottom, now all you have to do is fill the inside with an eyebrow pencil that you have specified. If you want to make good results, you can use eyebrow products in the form of gel or pomade. Usually the use of these products will give a real impression on your eyebrows, because it gives a thicker eyebrow hair extension.
  6. Complete with concealer
    Concealer is useful for making curved eyebrow lines to look neat, and sticky stains can be disguised. Now for the selection of concealer it’s good you use liquid or cream to make it more cryptic.

That’s how to make eyebrows quickly, it only takes 5 minutes!


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