A Good Foundation For Oily Skin

Confused looking for a Foundation for oily skin? Oily skin owners are usually the most difficult to choose a foundation. The reason is oily skin can make makeup less matte and easily wear off. Because it takes its own foundation or foundation.

For oily skin you should choose a foundation that provides medium to full coverage. In addition, it is best to avoid the use of primers and moisturizers that are not formulated for oily skin.

Here are some recommendations for a cheap foundation that is suitable for oily skin. Can be found at cosmetic outlets around you.

  1. Estee Lauder Double Wear
    Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation will provide super good results for your facial skin, ladies. This foundation will provide full coverage that can cover stubborn stains on your face easily. Even though it is full coverage, this foundation is very easy to bend, can still be built up, and feels really light on the skin of the face. Not only gives flawless results, this one foundation is also very durable on the skin and is able to control the oil on your face so that your makeup can last a long day when using this foundation. But, for you whose skin is dry, Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation might make your skin a bit dry. Therefore, when you use this foundation, make sure that you have prepared your facial skin with enough moisture.
  2. NYX Total Control Drop Foundation.
    This liquid textured foundation has actually been launched since 2016 and has 24 variants of shade. Although measuring 13 ml, this foundation has a number of advantages, including lightweight texture, full coverage, able to control oil better, and provide a fresh facial appearance. For easier application, the Total Control Drop Foundation has an applicator such as a dropper to drip the product on the face.
  3. Maybelline fit me! Foundation
    This one foundation has often been stated by beauty bloggers as the best foundation that is able to give flawless and long-lasting results. In addition, this product also has many shade options that you can adjust to your skin tone. So, you don’t need to worry about face skin color that is far different from neck color. It won’t happen again if you choose this foundation. Fit Me! has two variants, namely Dewy + Smooth for dry skin and Matte + Poreless for oily skin.
  4. Catrice HD liquid coverage Foundation. Although it is often found in drugstores, it does not mean that the Catrice Foundation is not worth trying. This foundation has a high cover power but the end result remains natural. Suitable for you who are looking for a base to cover up imperfections on the face but do not want to look menor or too thick. Besides being comfortable, the HD Liquid Coverage Foundation lasts up to 24 hours!

    5. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Liquid Foundation
    L’Oreal Paris Infallible Liquid Foundation is a liquid foundation with high coverage. Fastness and anti-gloss for hours, so it is suitable for oily skin. The good thing is this foundation also won’t give a cakey effect on the face.

    Those are some foundations that are suitable for oily skin, hopefully useful 🙂 thank you

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