Choosing the color of lipstick is important, because if it does not match the color of the skin, makeup will look less good on your face. If you want a brighter appearance of facial skin, you can try to choose the right color lipstick you know! Even the face without makeup can look fresher and brighter with the right color choices.

By using the right color of lipstick, your face that was dull or not wearing excessive makeup, can look attractive and bright with just this one lipstick color. Even more curious about what color lipstick?

Let’s find out more about the color of lipstick brightens the face that you must try!

  1. Fuschia color
    Choosing the right lipstick color can make you appear confident. Therefore the right way to make up is to choose the right lipstick color with skin color. Well, if you have a brave personality, you can experiment using Fuschia colors.
  2. Brown color
    In recent years the color of dark lipstick is becoming a trend. Many women who turn to dark colors or so-called minimalist gothic makeup. Fortunately the colors of dark lipstick like this turned out to be suitable for you, the owner of dark or light skin.
  3. Coral red color
    For lovers of red lipstick, you can replace your lipstick color with coral red, which is a combination of red with a hint of orange, which creates a very attractive and sweet color especially for you, the owner of dark skin.
  4. Nude peach color
    How to make up sexy and seductive not only have to use red lipstick. You can use other lipstick colors such as Nude Peach. Not only does it look cute, with this color lipstick you can also come up with minimalist makeup.
    No wonder many beauty bloggers recommend this nude peach color if you want to look natural. These colors can not only make you look beautiful, but also can make skin colors look brighter and not pale you know.
  5. Persimmon
    Persimmon is a designation for the red color that is quite young and not too flashy. For you who want to get brighter facial appearance with red lipstick, you should use a Persimmon-style color. One of the lipstick with persimmon color is the Dior Rouge Lipstick with the Ready variant. You can also choose other products with similar colors.

    That way, you can choose the right red color so that the face looks brighter. Those are some lipsticks that can make your face look brighter and fresher! May be useful.
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