How To Naturally Lash And Flex Eyelashes At Home!

Hi girls!

Long and curvy eyelashes are considered capable of adding beauty to a woman’s appearance. This is what makes women want to have tapering eyelashes.

Unfortunately, many people take shortcuts to make it happen, such as eyelash extensions. In fact, curling eyelashes can also be done naturally you know.

Here are 5 ways to naturally curl eyelashes easily that you can try.

  1. HONEY
    Tips for curling eyelashes first is to use honey. This one natural ingredient not only has various benefits for the skin, but also for hair, including eyelashes. Use pure honey with nutritional content still present.

    How to curl eyelashes with honey are as follows:
    – Pour a few drops of honey on a cotton swab or cotton bud
    – Apply honey carefully to all lashes, following the direction of the growth of the lashes
    – Let stand until it dries, then rinse with clean water.
  2. petroleum jelly
    The natural ingredient used to lengthen eyelashes is petroleum jelly. This one ingredient is basically a skin moisturizer and only has a moisturizing claim. However, many try to apply petroleum jelly on the eyelashes and find eyelash growth to be faster.

    How to make eyelashes with petroleum jelly:
    – Apply petroleum jelly to the eyelashes using a used spoolie or mascara brush
    – Let stand for one night and rinse in the morning
    Aloe vera contains vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, and minerals that are good for hair. This one natural ingredient is not only believed to be able to deal with itching on the head and hair loss problems, but also can stimulate hair growth.

    How to make curved eyelashes with aloe vera is as follows:
    – Take aloe vera gel
    – Apply aloe vera gel using a cotton swab or cotton bud to all lashes
    – Let stand for one night, rinse with clean water in the morning.
  4. EGG
    The content of biotin and some vitamins in eggs is believed to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss, so its routine use is believed to help lengthen eyelashes.

    The steps for curling eyelashes with eggs are as follows:
    – Beat the eggs and mix with a little petroleum jelly
    – Apply the mixture to the lashes
    – Wait for it to dry then rinse slowly with clean water
    – Repeat at least three times a week.
    Tips for curling the final lashes is to use almond oil. Like the types of oil that have been mentioned before, oils that are high in vitamin E are also widely used for hair care.

    How to curl lashes with almond oil:
    – Drop almond oil into cotton, can also be mixed with coconut oil
    – Apply the mixture to all lashes
    – Do it before going to bed and rinse in the morning.

    Good luck!

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