Is your child having difficulty eating?

children who have difficulty eating can be caused by several factors, including declining health conditions that make it difficult to swallow or start to feel bored with the menu they consume daily.

Refusing to eat is actually part of the child’s growth and development process. When children do not want to eat, parents feel worried about the nutritional intake that they get so they experience malnutrition. Malnutrition can pose a risk of disease.

The following are some tips that you can do to deal with difficult eating children and ensure your child’s nutritional needs are met.

  1. Obey the child’s will
    For parents, it is not wrong when we comply with children’s requests in matters like this. For example a child is wanting salty foods, then wants sweet things, then the next day he wants to eat a certain menu. This you can try to overcome your child who is very difficult to eat.
  2. Don’t order your child to eat. From now on try to change your strategy to not tell him to eat. Enough with you to eat alone when it’s time to eat, do this directly in front of your child. Then your child will be interested and ask to eat and even ask to be fed. This strategy is believed to be effective, because by giving the lure of the child so that it will be attracted to eat too.
  3. Serve food with an attractive appearance. Get around food offerings can also be a way to deal with children who have difficulty eating. If you have always been accustomed to giving children food with a normal appearance, now try other ways to serve food. For example, give a child a plate of food with an attractive appearance by forming rice into a face shape, then using vegetables and side dishes as a sweetener. You can shape carrots into a crown, or cucumber as grass. Be creative in your own way to find out
  4. Making children forced to spend food. After the child feels full, do not force him to continue to spend the rest of the food on his plate. The more children are forced to spend their food, the more difficult it is for children to eat. Forcing is never the right solution to overcome problems in children. That is why it is better to give reasonable portions of food to children, aka not too much or little. On the bright side, this method can teach children to better understand when their bodies feel hungry and when they have had enough to eat. That’s the way to make it easier for children to eat, hopefully help mom 🙂

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