Lately we often hear the word cushion as make up, but what is cushion? Cushion is a kind of product coverage in compact form. Usually, we know the product coverage to disguise black spots or pimples in liquid form. Well, now we can enjoy it in compact form.

Let’s see what are the cheap and suitable cushion recommendations for your face!

  1. Maybelline super cushion ultra cover
    Maybelline claims that this Super Cushion Ultra Cover has a new formula that is somewhat different from the previous cushion series. has the same coverage as the foundation, but after it is applied to the face the results will feel as light as using BB cream.
    Cushion with coverage like foundation, but feels light like BB cream. Lasts up to 14 hours, with SPF 50+
    This cushion is semi-matte so it is suitable for all skin types and won’t look too dry.
  2. Laneige BB cushion whitening
    Laneige BB cushion whitening can be
    Helps brighten the skin inside and out! “BB Cushion Lightening” which helps skin look clean and bright with dual whitening care
  3. A face that looks bright without dark! For the first time technology was applied to the cushion! Sparkling Coat ™ Pigment technology coated with pearl and water grains provides brightness and moisture to facial skin.
  4. Make skin look bright and clean! Brightening ingredients such as melacrusher on Laneige White Plus Renew Original Essence help brighten the skin inside and out.
  5. Stick to the skin! Look brighter for longer! Super Flex Lasting ™ technology makes the skin look brighter all day by increasing longer makeup durability.
  6. Pixy make it glow Dewy cushion BB
    cream or liquid foundation that is stored in a special sponge. High cover power so that it can cover flaws on the face such as black spots and acne scars very well. Contains Botanical Extracts such as Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil and Yuzu extract which help nourish the skin from the inside, thus making the face look healthy glowing. Contains SPF 23 & PA ++.
  7. NYX total control mesh cushion foundation
    I’m sure you all already know about NYX. NYX Professional Makeup is a brand from Los Angeles
    NYX Total Control Mesh Cushion Foundation is claimed to have a matte finish, high coverage and contains 14 gr
    The texture of the Cushion Foundation is rather “dense” and not as liquid as usual, because according to his claims, he has a high cover.
    For the face, NYX Total Control Mesh Cushion Foundation is also able to close stains such as black spots and acne scars.

    I hope this helps:)

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