Men must know how to shave mustache and beard properly!

A smooth, manicured face gives the impression that you are the person responsible – the reason why you should not miss a shave, especially at important moments, such as a job interview or coming to a wedding.

For that, shaving is one of the right choices. But apparently, not all men really understand how to shave the correct mustache. Because of its origin shaved, not infrequently the skin around the area growing mustache was injured when shaved.

Well, so that no more skin injury occurs when shaving then it helps you men know how to shave the mustache properly.

Steps to do:

  1. Make sure the Mustache Is Wet or Moist

Usually most men directly shave mustaches and beards while still dry. In fact, dry conditions will make it harder for you to shave your mustache and beard. You need to wet the mustache, beard and beard area you want to shave.

  1. Use Shaving Cream When Needed

In addition to wetting the mustache and beard with water, you can also use shaving cream to facilitate the process of shaving the mustache and beard. Shaving cream not only acts to moisturize the mustache and beard that will be shaved, but also effectively minimize your skin irritation due to a razor.

  1. Apply the Shaving Cream with Circular Upward Movement

If you shave your mustache or beard using shaving cream, you must first apply the cream evenly to the top. This is done so that the part of the mustache and beard are raised up, so that the razor that you use can shave the mustache more effectively and optimally.

  1. Avoid Pressing the Razor Too Deep

The next tips for shaving your mustache and beard that you should pay attention to is that you shouldn’t just press the razor, let alone press it deeply.

  1. Shaving with the direction of growth of a mustache and beard

Tips to shave mustache and beard correctly is to shave in the direction of growth. In fact, most people often shave mustache against the direction of growth of a mustache or beard.

  1. Clean Your Face After Shaving

Tips for shaving a mustache and the last beard is to clean your face after shaving your mustache or beard. Clean the face with cold water so that the skin pores that were open because the shaving is closed again. Use quality face wash soap so that the results of your mustache or beard shaving more leverage.

That’s the way to shave mustache and beard properly and hopefully hopefully useful 🙂


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