Keep Children From Being Bored At Home During The Pandemic Covid-19

Corona virus pandemic which is currently happening makes people are required to stay at home and not do activities outside the home.

It also affects children who are still in school and working parents. The school applies an online learning system (both e-learning and through video conferencing).

Parents also have to think hard to find activities that are fun for children so they don’t get bored while at home.

Of course, this is also a positive thing between parents and children because they can have quality time at home. Here are some activities you can do with children when we are at home:

  1. Family picnic at home

When you need to do isolation at home, that does not mean you can not do a picnic Moms can do a picnic even when in the house. Simply take a basket (not necessarily a food basket, can even use a laundry basket), then invite the children to put some equipment, as well as food and drink picnics that are easily packaged, such as bottled juice, water bottles, paper plates, spoons and forks, and napkins.

2. Watch a movie together

The activity inside the house when COVID-19 is done is commonly done is watching a movie together. Moms can play children’s favorite films by making a comfortable living room layout more than watching. You can search for movies on streaming services like Netflix, or on DVD. Be sure to provide entertaining or educational shows to children according to their age, Moms.

  1. Read story books at home

If you are looking for activities that can be done every day while at home with children, then read the approved books. Like books that become her favorite stories such as princesses, superheroes or others.

4. Cooking together

lots of time to teach new things. One thing you can do is cook together. You can introduce to children healthy recipes but still delicious to eat. For example, desserts made from wheat and fruits, fruit smoothies, vegetable juices, or popcorn

  1. Gardening

You can use your yard to do gardening with your child. If there is no yard in the house, Mother can invite Little to plant plants in pots. This activity can be a fun and very positive new experience for children. With gardening, children can learn to be responsible, love the environment and nature, and get to know growth.

  1. Drawing together

Drawing together can be fun activities to get rid of boredom of children. In addition to teaching children to be creative with colors and pictures, drawing and drawing can also make a child’s confidence, train his imagination, and make fun.that is the way to prevent children from being bored at home during the 19th pandemic, hopefully it will benefit mothers:)

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