The importance of playing with children

Playing for children is a fun thing, when children play, many things can be learned by children, we as parents need to play with children.

Play is very important for children’s development. By playing they can develop their emotional, physical and cognitive growth.

Play is a way for children to learn about the body and the world, and that’s when they will use their five senses. “How does it feel to touch this thing? How does it sound if it is dropped? What happens if it is thrown?”

Like playing baseball, one of the benefits of playing basic ball is to sharpen your mind. baseball is a sport that requires physical and mental health, so children must always be vigilant when playing.

Children will learn to make decisions quickly when playing this sport. For example, such as when having to decide whether to run to the base or remain in place, as well as the right strategy game. And certainly a healthy body Decision making like this can help children stay alert and keep their minds sharp.

In addition, baseball training is also very beneficial for children’s brain development.

Moreover, children play with both parents, friends, or relatives. By exploring various things around them, the child’s brain will develop.

By playing they develop imagination, skills, independence, creativity, and social skills. Here they will learn to share toys with friends and relatives, learn to say ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’.


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