Simple Makeup For Housewives

Housewives need makeup. Even housewives who spend all day at home also need at least powder and lipstick. especially those who have jobs and are required to perform optimally.

Housewives like me must be admittedly not used to using make-up because they rarely leave the house. Wear makeup at least not to look pale and lethargic. Minimalist makeup is often my choice for daily makeup.

The goal is to look clean, fresh and beautiful. The make up is also light, fast and instant. No need to linger in front of the glass because there is still a lot of work waiting.

Steps that must be done :

  1. Make sure the facial skin has been using serum or moisturizer and sunscreen before the application of facial foundation. Choose a foundation with the shade closest to our skin tone. As usual I use the foundation from Oriflame namely Giordani Gold age Defying Foundation spf 8 Apply sufficiently and mix with a wet brush or sponge until it is completely flat.
  2. Because I have a panda eye problem, concealer is a mandatory product to brighten the bottom of the eye. Can also be a highlight on the forehead and the middle of the nose. Blend until the colors blend with the foundation underneath. As for the concealer myself, I still stick with Maybelline Fit Me Concealer No. 15 shade fair.
  3. Next to the eyebrow frame or thick enough. In my own eyebrow pencil I used maybelline fashion brow duo shaper
  4. Apply lipstick as a lip color, eye shadow and cheeks. See, 1 item can have 3 benefits at once. Very concise and anti-complicated. For the lipstick itself, I use NYX matte lipstick shade day dream. This nude peach color will make you light-skinned look brighter. The matte result makes your appearance look more natural.
  5. Finally setting all make-up with powder or solid powder to reduce facial shine. For the powder, I use Make Over Power Stay Matte Powder Foundation with natural beige shade. With 5 simple steps and 5 cosmetic items above, it’s easy to apply a natural, non-complicated make-up style for housewives. If by chance there is time and have the sixth and seventh items, then mascara and eye liner will be my choice. The result does look more expressive in the eye. But for the last two items it is not too mandatory, except being hasty. good luck
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