To Be a Good, Wise And Loving Mother

The character of a mother is very important for every child, both female and male.

But especially for boys, mothers are their first love and true, a figure who can educate him to be a loving and responsible person.

Mothers, how important is your role for your sons in particular, educate them to be men who are patient, caring, confident and responsible for their families one day.  To make this happen,

Here are 6 ways you can use to be a good mother to your son:

  1. Teach patience and courage Problems for the problems that befall your family, the difficulties you bring with patience. Patience, translated by a mother, can be a real example for children. When you are patient and tough, it will help your child, so they are not immediate, so they can also overcome the difficulties they will face, later, the compilation will grow later.
  2. Teach meekness A boy who grows up without a mother, will generally be someone who is rude, less sensitive to himself, does not respect other people and the environment. Teach your boy to be gentle in his attitude, without having to lose his firmness.
  3. As an adhesive Sometimes in a family conflict conflicts between family members can be unavoidable, the mother is the only person who should stand in a neutral position. Become a mediator and reconcile disputes between children with fathers or children and siblings. In short, be “glue” to unite all family members, so they can work well together.
  4. Be encouraging There are times when your child’s day is full of challenges, be a mother who is sensitive to the situation your child is feeling. Think positively and give words and encouragement so that your child has high optimism and optimism that there is a way out.
  5. Become a good advisor There are times when a child will waver when he will make a decision for the first time. Your role here is very necessary, provide input and advice he needs, help him to be confident and able to understand the good and bad effects of each decision he will take. Reassure him that whatever decision he will make, it is the best for him.
  6. As a brave mother As a woman you also have to be brave in doing various activities. Sometimes you have to do the chores of a man yourself, without having to wait for your husband to come home from work, when it’s raining heavily and the roof is leaking, you can take the initiative to do it yourself to patch up the roof of your leaked house. Maybe for you it is trivial, but in your child’s eyes, you are a great mother.

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